Victoria Lourdes C. Diaz

Position: Associate Professor
Categories: DASP
Associate Professor in Anthropology
Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology
College of Social Sciences

Academic Background

M.S., Sociology and Anthropology, Purdue University, 1988
B.A., University of the Philippines, 1984, cum laude


Mendoza, Lorelei C., Prill-Brett, June, Tapang, Bienvenido P., Cruz, Gladys A., Colongon, Arellano Jr. A., Diaz, Victoria Lourdes C., San Luis, Ma. Cecilia R., Follosco, Alicia G. “Harmonizing ancestral domain with local governance in the Cordillera of the northern Philippines” in Tyler, Stephen R., eds. Communities, Livelihoods and Natural Resources: Action Research and Policy Change in Asia, (2006), 231-252