The Bachelor of Science in Management Economics has passed the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) Programme Level Assessment on November 2022. You can learn more about the program here.


The Bachelor of Science in Management Economics (BSME) program provides knowledge and training in business management that is anchored on conceptual foundations developed in the field of economics. The program is envisioned to respond to the growing needs of Northern Luzon for managerial skill and expertise with solid grounding in economics.

Students of the program shall learn the skills for effective business practices adapted to a prevailing context, but responsive to change and conducive to innovation. In addition to learning about the fundamental business management areas of operations, marketing, finance, and human resources, the program covers macro- and micro-economic tools of analysis for management and decision making. Equipped with these tools and with the knowledge on how to wield them with flexibility, the student is prepared to analyze business operations and the economic situation of an organization, an industry, and the country. The student shall not only be trained in managerial decision making and economic theory, but shall also acquire an understanding of the political and socio-cultural context of organizations. The program shall respond to the demand for business practitioners with a more holistic perspective in decision making and business operations, preparing students for careers in professional management, corporate planning, technical analysis, and industry analysis.

The program shall also hone the student’s research skills, not often given importance in undergraduate programs in management and business-related courses. The advantage of the program is the combination of theory and application from business and economics courses as well as research training. The inclusion of a thesis requirement, business practice, and several courses developing research skills will not only equip the student to perform research functions in the context of business enterprises but also to prepare them to pursue graduate studies in business management or economics.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate critical and creative thinking to personal and professional life;
  2. Analyze fundamental management functions grounded in economic theory;
  3. Apply business and economics theory in organizations and industry through case studies, projects and research;
  4. Integrate strategic management in social innovation and business inclusion; and
  5. Develop lifelong learning and ethical practices.
The program requires 137 units, consisting of 42 units of business administration courses, 27 units of economics, and 21 units of integrating courses of business administration, economics and management economics. The program requires 36 units of General Education courses and 11 units of other required courses.
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