(February 9) - The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Gaston P. Kibiten, Director of the Saint Louis University’s Research, Extension and Publications Office. The lecture is part of the Saliksik-Kordilyera Lecture Series under the auspices of the UP Baguio Cordillera Studies Center (CSC).

Contending that Kankanaey clan reunions are a relatively new ritual practice, Kibiten will examine this practice’s features particularly its characteristic affinity with modern-day public rituals rather than traditional Kankanaey kinship-related rituals.

Kibiten will also attempt to explain “these clan reunions’ patent borrowing of features from externally introduced rituals.” His inquiry into this practice demonstrates the Kankanaey’s relationship with contemporary society “implicating issues relative tom power relations among the ritual actors as well as to the larger politics of Kankanaey ethnic identity negotiation.”

Organized with support from anthropologist and CSC research affiliate Dr. Maria Carmen Domingo-Kirk, the Saliksik-Kordilyera project provides incentives to Filipino scholars doing work in Cordillera studies.  It is designed to encourage the conduct of quality research in this field of inquiry. (ROLAND RABANG)


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